Daniel Quat In the first round Carlos Sainz is to stay away from me

Даниил Квят: На первом круге Карлосу Сайнсу стоит держаться подальше от меня

The pilot Toro Rosso Daniel Kvyat said his collision with teammate Carlos Sainz on the first lap of the British Grand Prix.

Helmut Marko: I don’t want to blame someone for the incident between the Quatum and Science

To contact Carlos could not continue the race, while Kvyat was found guilty in the accident and was fined passing through the pit lane. After the race Daniel also received their liabilities two penalty points for the collision.

Daniil Kvyat is three penalty points from the passage race

“I think that nobody said a word when he pushed me off the track in the first four races of the season. It happened again. Overall, I think that he needs to stay away from me on the first lap – quoted quata Crash.net. – I think that it would be better for the team. Of course, it’s a shame that it happened.

The pilot knows what’s going on ahead of him, when he sees that I have problems with the behavior of the machine. He knew that in such a situation will not be able to pass the 12-th turn in the ideal path. However, he continued to drive like nothing happened: in such a situation, the collision can not be avoided in 90% of cases.

If the pilot in another machine, more soberly assessed the situation, he would have tried again to overtake me on the next straight. However, this did not happen. In fact, he tripped me, and then said, “You hit me”.

I think that’s how it happened. I am also responsible for the accident, but I think we should both answer for the incident.

I left him [in the first right turn Becketts] and expected that he would do the same with me [in the next left turn]. But the cooperation did not work. If we are both clever enough, next time let’s leave each other on the track more space.

Also, I absolutely do not agree with the punishment. They fined me because I left the track and safe on her back. But I never left the track. My team and I are unanimous in this matter.

I went quite a bit beyond the track. We believe that the penalty was too harsh. Travel along pit lane – a serious punishment. In the past I remember that for more serious offenses, they [the stewards] were punished pilots five or ten seconds penalty.

I don’t understand this decision and are unhappy with them. I was very upset, when received the news about the fine. I think this is racing, not ballet.”

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