Christian Horner has accused the stewards in a tough judging max

Кристиан Хорнер обвинил стюардов в жестком судействе Макса

The boss of Red Bull Racing Christian Horner believes that the stewards are too harshly punished max Verstappen for the incident in Hungary.

Daniel ricciardo: Max acted as a lover

After the start of the Max blocked the wheels on the entrance to the second turn and crashed into his teammate Daniel ricciardo, who after retired because of injury. Max was given ten penalty seconds, but Horner compared this incident with what happened in Spain, when Valtteri Bottas in a similar situation, left without punishment.

“I think the stewards acted too harshly, especially if you remember the incident with Bottas in Barcelona – said Horner. – For me it’s a normal racing incident. Yes, Max was wrong, then apologized, and Daniel had accepted the apology.

We were lucky that they never encountered. Of course, they do not like conflicts”.

Daniel ricciardo, Max Verstappen apologized to me, the incident is over

Horner said ricciardo furious, calmed down as soon as Max apologized.

“After the incident, he was stunned, but the situation is standard, and an hour later everything was under control,” continued Horner.

Head added that in such situations it is important to find out all directly: “we Need to look people in the eye. Correspondence or phone call don’t work”.

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