Charlie whiting: Fans will get used to the “halo”

Чарли Уайтинг: Болельщики обязательно привыкнут к "ореолу"

Race Director FIA’s Charlie whiting said that teams will modify the appearance of the “halo” in order to make it more aesthetic.

The FIA told reporters about the “halo”

Despite the negative public reaction to the introduction of the system of protection of the cockpit “halo” in the season of 2018, Charlie believes that the later people change their minds.

“Personally, I think that the fans will get used to halo, – quotes Whiting – The fact that the teams have not yet used all opportunities to ensure that the concept looked more aesthetically pleasing.

So far we’ve only seen the raw design. You may recall that when Williams set design white color – the same color of your car – the system began to look much better.

I’m sure the team will change the design of “halo”, and it won’t be as bad as you think.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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