Blog Of Sergey Sirotkin. Ferrari has no weaknesses, and Mercedes – have

Блог Сергея Сироткина. У Ferrari нет слабых мест, а у Mercedes – есть

We continue heading “Blog of the pilot,” in which well-known Russian riders tell readers about actual events in the world of Motorsport.

The backup driver of Renault and the Russian pilot program SMP Racing’s Sergey Sirotkin spoke about the peculiarities of the route in Hungary, the balance of power between Mercedes and Ferrari and shared his Outlook for the upcoming stage.

About the confrontation between Mercedes and Ferrari

Strange as it may sound, but at the moment Ferrari has no weaknesses. The weakness is, rather, Mercedes. As we saw in Silverstone, when they [Mercedes] are in the settings, it fits in the track, the temperature, the canvas of asphalt, they are potentially faster than the Scuderia.

Strong point of the Ferrari is the tire and lower the machine’s responsiveness to changes in external factors. They almost always achieve the maximum from the car, whereas the Mercedes it turns out not always and not in all conditions.

The main drawback of the Ferrari, probably, only in the fact that they have some extra reserve of speed. And the reserve is just there at Mercedes.

About updates Renault

What to expect from Renault? I think the further systematic progress. As we saw in Silverstone team has brought a new bottom, the development of which took a lot of resources and effort, including my personal. I spent a lot of time on the simulator, modifying the new. The tests [after the Grand Prix of Hungary] we will see a number of new products, which should also improve the performance of the machine and will be better adapted to the new bottom, which applied a new philosophy. So overall, the machine will work better.

It is clear that all the teams bring some updates, so it’s hard to tell what progress we can make against the rest. But I think we can take another step to achieving our goals for the season. I and the team are very positive.

That was a very productive day for us with a lot of interesting info collected! It was a pleasure! A very productive day and a lot of interesting information! It was great! @renaultsportf1 @f1 @smp_racing @redbullring #austriangp

Publication from Sergey Sirotkin (@sergeysirotkin_official) Jul 7 2017 at 9:59 PM PDT

About the features of the Hungaroring

The Hungaroring is one of the most technical tracks in the League. It is quite slow, but not because there are a lot of slow turns and short distances between them. Constantly have to turn, accelerate, brake. After braking at the end of the main straight the car goes straight only before the third sector. All the while you are constantly turning. Due to this the average speed limit is not very high. Before the track in Hungary was one of the most bumpy, but in that year it shifted the asphalt, it is very changed. Now due to a completely different canvas, new curbs for all familiar, the track is quite unusual, which, of course, will affect the teams with tires.

Блог Сергея Сироткина. У Ferrari нет слабых мест, а у Mercedes – есть

About the alignment of forces in the Hungarian Grand Prix

As for the forecast, then everything is not so easy. If you return to the topic of the two leaders, I think the advantage of Mercedes in Hungary is a little less as the track, though not to say that “Zarichna”, but there’s a long gentle turns, in which the ‘Silver arrows’ has the advantage. The entire second sector, by contrast, consists of short and sharp turns from left to right, where the high stability requirements of the machine.

Because of a new very smooth asphalt Mercedes may not look as confident as on highways with the standard canvas. And it will be another plus in the Treasury of the Ferrari. The best example of Monaco. But that was long ago, so will be interesting to see dealt with this problem in the team from Brackley or not.

As for the other teams, the track in Hungary is slightly less motor compared to the tracks, where he spent the last few stages. It will be better for us is Renault, and Red Bull too because they are traditionally good at slow and mid speed corners.

Teams like Force India and Williams will have to fight harder with the same Haas or Renault.

In General, teams that were previously lost due to the lack of engine power, must play in Hungary a little less. Therefore, the struggle in the middle group promises to be even more dense than before. Red Bull Racing will be closer to the leaders, who in turn will also become closer to each other, if the “Silver arrows” will be found.

Блог Сергея Сироткина. У Ferrari нет слабых мест, а у Mercedes – есть

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