Zach brown: it Was important to make statements to the address of Honda mechanics

Зак Браун: Было важно сделать заявления в адрес мотористов Honda

Executive Director of McLaren Zac brown believes that the criticism sounded in the address of Honda during the race weekend in Montreal, went to benefit the Japanese minders.

As stated by brown, the team from Woking have a backup plan in case Honda will not solve the problem in the second half of the season in 2017, but racing Director Eric boullier has previously said that any possible scenario.

Zach brown: the McLaren has a plan B

“I think it was important. First McLaren made such statements, – quotes the brown AUTOSPORT. – I don’t want to happen again, and I don’t think my words will change something [in a situation with the gathering of Alonso in Montreal]. But in a Honda you know what to do, and upset the current situation.

What happened, saw 400 million people, so I don’t think we need any new applications.

Don’t know what’s in the Honda manual, but I believe that they all reflect one thing: you have to work hard and try to rectify the situation. But now, nothing fixed.

In Montreal repeated the story that we saw in the previous races. Anyway, but the problem needs to be solved.

This can’t continue. Alonso was close to score their first points. Yes, Vandorn reached the finish line, but I was just speechless. It seems that the team will earn points and then, a few laps before the end of the race, that happens.

Honda: Indicators from the stands did not justify itself on the track

The engine is bad from the point of view of power, and in terms of reliability.

All we can do to continue to work. Nothing changes, only the feeling of frustration becomes stronger.

But, as I said, we need to work together. Just another race we were not able to realize obtained a chance.”

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