Valtteri Bottas Ferrari Engines and Mercedes equal

Валттери Боттас: Двигатели Ferrari и Mercedes равны

Ward Mercedes, Valtteri Bottas believes that the difference between the Ferrari and Mercedes engines was reduced to a minimum.

Mercedes clearly dominated in 2014, the power pack, but this year, Ferrari could produce a motor that can compete with Champions. Moreover, the team-client Scuderia Haas admitted that their new motor is the best for the season.

Bottas believes that qualification is still an advantage at Mercedes, but the difference between the power plants were offset.

“Now the differences are minimal, said Bottes in an interview with AUTOSPORT. – I think Ferrari are stronger than us, now we’re just on the same level.

Maybe in qualifying we were a little better, but only slightly”.

Mercedes has tested the new fuel in Canada, which, according to Bottas, helped to increase the power.

“We had the new fuel, and the driver always immediately feel the change, the added Bottas. – All this stuff, but in F1 they play an important role, and in such a tight fight with Ferrari can help anything.

Some of the qualifications I was losing to Sebastian [Vettel] a few thousandths or hundredths of a second, so the fight can all help.”

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