Fernando Alonso: I changed team because I felt in my heart that doing the right thing

Фернандо Алонсо: Я менял команды, потому что чувствовал сердцем, что поступаю правильно

Double world champion Fernando Alonso assured that he has no regrets, despite the fact that in the last ten years of his career in Formula 1 is not the best way.

The Spaniard is considered one of the best racers of our time, but with teams it is often not luck. The latest example is the cancellation of the contract with Ferrari at the end of 2014 and return to McLaren, where he spent the scandal of the season 2007. But if the Scuderia this year broke into the lead and scored three victories in six races, the team from Woking scored no points.

“My main priority is the third title in Formula 1. The second task was getting pleasure from the performances in the Indy 500, and I did it, – quotes Alonso Daily Mail. – I’m happy and the only thing I lack is the struggle. That’s all the rider needs.

I read that people are sad and they want to see me in the forefront in the battle for the victory. Going “Indie”, I was in a completely different environment, but I have not ceased to respect.

I went from one team to another, because I felt in my heart that doing the right thing. 16-17 years ago I went to the van my father on kart circuits in Italy. I could work in a supermarket at home in Oviedo. But now I come to America and everywhere follow the fans.

So I disagree with the statement: “How I wish Alonso was worth to do otherwise.” I 97 times stood on the podium, twice became the champion of the world. So everything is fine”.

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