Zach brown: Participation in the Indy 500 raised morale Alonso

Зак Браун: Участие в "Инди 500" подняло боевой настрой Алонсо

The decision to play in the “Indianapolis 500” has a positive impact on the motivation of Fernando Alonso in the Formula 1, according to Executive Director of McLaren Zach brown.

On Sunday the Spaniard will start his debut race in the “Old Kirpichnaya”. On the basis of qualifying races double world champion took fifth place, while in F1, his best achievements in the season of 2017 he achieved at the previous stage in Barcelona, becoming the seventh, despite all the problems with the speed and reliability of the machine.

“We see that now Alonso is in a good mood, and it’s great, – quotes the brown AUTOSPORT. – Fernando pleased with the participation in the race, competitive and gets a lot of attention. He is not looking for this kind of attention on purpose, but it must be nice, when you are looking for all the world. Each of us is doing a better job all is in a good mood, regardless of what the job is about. Our team and partners it was also a breath of fresh air.”

Brown admits he was not surprised by the performance of Alonso in Indianapolis, and hopes that the Spaniard will continue to take.

“On the one hand, there is nothing surprising in the results of such drivers like Fernando,’ said Zack. On the other, it’s such a difficult race that even the best of the best are faced with the problem. Knock on wood, as long as misfortunes Fernando side.

It demonstrates its status of double world champion and only emphasizes his greatness. This will make it even better rider”.

Brown also added that Alonso was well adapted to the IndyCar community, both on track and abroad.

“Like Fernando here. He is very well accustomed to IndyCar racing environment, found a common language with the fans, he said. – He is completely relaxed, and nothing prevents him to receive pleasure”.

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