Valtteri Bottas Deterrence Vettel in Barcelona was my mission and job

Валттери Боттас: Сдерживание Феттеля в Барселоне было моей задачей и работой

Valtteri Bottas admits that, holding Sebastian Vettel before the first pit stop of the Grand Prix of Spain, tried to help my partner on Mercedes Lewis Hamilton.

Behind the Finnish racer the championship leader lost some important seconds that we might have missed in the battle for the victory and the result finished second.

“I did everything I could to keep Vettel and make him lose time. At that time, it was my mission and work. But the difference in pace was too much and in the end, he came forward, – quotes AUTOSPORT Bottas. In any case, I helped the team. At least we managed to close the gap on Ferrari in the constructors ‘ championship. The result could be even better if we finished with both cars.”

In the end, Bottas went down because of engine failure, but the race was spoiled at the start, when Finn was involved in an incident with Kimi Raikkonen and max Verstappen.

“I had a good start and quickly caught up with the riders ahead, but this time [in contrast to the start of the Grand Prix of Russia], I had nowhere to go – said Bottas. On the left there were no free seats, so I tried to pass on the inside, but Vettel closed the gate and I was stuck behind him.

At the entrance to the first turn I tried to stay inside, because he knew that the opponents that are on the outside trajectory will attack. Unfortunately, with Kimi we encountered. But with such a dense fight similar sometimes. Because of this contact I have had problems with the machine during the whole of the first segment.

I had a good chance on the podium, so it is a pity that everything ended like that. But we risked going to the old engine [after the discovery of the water leak on Friday]”.

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