Toto Wolff: Formula 1 needs real tracks, not Parking lots of supermarkets

Тото Вольф: Формуле 1 нужны настоящие трассы, а не парковки супермаркетов

The formula 1 need to get rid of tracks like Parking lots near supermarkets, so says the head of Mercedes Motorsport Toto Wolff.

As acknowledged by the Austrian, his view on how to change the “Royal racing” was formed during the recent participation in the legendary race “Mille Miglia”.

“Formula 1 is the best technology and the best racers, – quotes the AUTOSPORT wolf. – Participating in the “Mille Miglia” I realized that I love motor racing. Racers do what no one else dares to do.

Racing is life, so full of passion and emotion. To control these machines, you need courage, on some tracks more, others less. But we don’t want to race on the tracks, resembling a Parking lot near a supermarket.

Last rider who missed the turn were killed or injured. Nowadays you go to the departure area and returned safely to the track. But not in Monte Carlo may, not at the Spa, Monza and Suzuka.

We need a run where it becomes clear who really is the best. Monaco is one such track.”

According to wolf, in the calendar of the championship should also be more races on urban roads.

“It’s not just in the “Mille Miglia”. On urban roads can go really fast – continued Toto. – Your success electric series Formula E races required in the cities. Machine there not impressive, but against city they seem really fast.

So I think we need to move away from the conduct of races, reminiscent of airports.

I can get behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car [on tracks with asphalt security zones]. Give me a couple of weeks of training, I will send the car into the turn a hundred times, studying the telemetry, and will probably be able to go fast because there’s no risk”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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