The FIA decided to increase the area of DRS for the Grand Prix of Spain

FIA решила увеличить зону DRS на Гран При Испании

The FIA decided to increase the area of DRS on the Spanish track to increase the number of overtaking during the Grand Prix of Spain Formula 1.

Due to the change of regulations, which cars have become wider and faster, overtaking manoeuvres have proved to be more challenging for the riders.

After the Grand Prix of Russia, which was made only one pass, this Friday, the race direction was discussed with the pilots the idea of extending the DRS zones as the Spanish track is traditionally considered neophodni.

After discussions, the FIA has approved a plan for the extension of the DRS zone on the main straight at 100 meters. The starting point of activation began before through 157 meters after the last turn, now that distance has decreased to 57 meters.

Despite the fact that the riders approved the change in the DRS zone, still some debate about whether this solution is correct.

Championship leader Sebastian Vettel is confident that overtake must be difficult.

“I do not support increasing the DRS zones, said Vettel. – A few years ago when this system first came out, everything is simplified, and the fact that you can just pass by someone, was not overtaking as such.

Here in Spain, it is always difficult to get out of the last turn so that it is easy to get close to the opponent in a straight line. I’d like to be closer when overtaking, but not just to drive up and around it, and it became a challenge. You need to make the effort to try to drive in different trajectories”.

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