The FIA consider the situation with overtaking satisfactory

В FIA считают ситуацию с обгонами удовлетворительной

The FIA does not intend to take any measures to increase the number of overtaking in the season 2017.

During the first four races, the guide was planned to assess the situation and, if necessary, to increase the length of the DRS zones.

If China and Bahrain with overtaking everything was not so bad as in the first stage, in Australia, the Grand Prix of Russia on Sunday for the whole distance was recorded in just one maneuver.

German publication AutoBild joked that even in the controversial race at Indianapolis in 2005 with six cars overtaking were more.

“Well, to beat hard, let’s admit it, – said the leader of the championship Sebastian Vettel. – When you get to the opponent, the car starts to slide, and you’re lagging behind.”

The winner of the Grand Prix, Valtteri Bottas added: “When attempting to overtake we lose downforce”.

As reported by F1i, at the last meeting of the technical working group the problem of overtaking was really discussed, but the FIA said that the current situation is satisfactory. Well, during the race weekend in Sochi, the team was notified of the decision to leave the DRS zone unchanged until the end of the season.

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