Sabina Who: We once said that Schumacher was something serious

Сабина Кем: Мы сразу сообщили, что с Шумахером произошло нечто серьёзное

Manager Michael Schumacher Sabina Who told how she remembered December 29, 2013, when legendary racer, skiing, received a severe head injury.

“I was at my parents on Christmas when I got a call from a fellow French journalist who said that Michael had an accident. He wanted to confirm this information, – quotes Bild Anyone. In the afternoon, it became clear that the situation is serious, and the next morning I was in the hospital in Grenoble”.

Since the return of Schumacher home in September 2014 was virtually no information about his condition, the family of Michael conceals all the information.

“Michael is a public figure and the public has a right to know what happened to him. But we immediately said that it was something serious – continued Sabine. Michael always clearly separated public and family life. Fans and the media know about it.

The decision to protect his personal life was made in the interests of Michael. His family has the right to act as it sees fit.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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