Ross brown suggested to change the format of the Strategic group

Росс Браун предложил изменить формат Стратегической группы

Sports Director of the Formula 1, Ross brown was the main initiator of changes in the rules to allow all teams to participate in the meetings of the Strategic group.

Earlier, according to the regulations, consisted of only six teams – Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull Racing, Williams, McLaren and Force India – while the rest remained in the dark about what was discussed, and only in rare cases I received the protocols of the meetings.

At a meeting in late April, brown suggested the idea of inviting teams that are not officially included in the composition as observers. Many considered it the first step to change the structure of the Strategic group, but the head Sauber Moniz, Kaltenborn doesn’t think so.

Росс Браун предложил изменить формат Стратегической группы

“At least now we know what they’re talking about, – quotes Kaltenborn AUTOSPORT. – Previously, it was unclear where the different proposals. It is generally no one could understand.

Perhaps now we will have the best idea, since there are many different opinions.

But this does not mean that we consider ourselves to be involved in the discussion process.

In any case, the policy group can’t work in this format. We do not agree with any structrues with this kind of power in making decisions”.

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