Riccardo Daniel the Team made a stupid mistake

Даниэль Риккардо: Команда допустила глупую ошибку

Daniel ricciardo believes that Red Bull Racing mistake cost him a chance to fight for pole position in qualifying in Monaco.

The Australian, who won the pole position in Monte Carlo in 2016, was forced to settle for fifth place as the second attempt of the third segment, the band released it on the track in traffic, which he was unable to improve his score.

“We knew that the boxes need to go to a clean track to get a good opportunity to warm up the tires, – quotes Riccardo AUTOSPORT.com. We went to the traffic. I couldn’t warm up the tires in the last attempt.

Think Perez drove in 20 seconds behind me. I don’t know why we chose this window to exit the Parking garage. I don’t think in this case we were threatened with time in qualifying.

I think we have time for more successful out on the track. Obviously, we made a stupid mistake.

Sometimes, because of the intensity of the events taking place on the track in Monaco, you lose concentration and allow obvious mistakes. Of course, they let me out in traffic’s not on purpose, but it’s frustrating. In this session we did not show all that capable.

We can compete with anyone, but now this is pointless to say. We showed our potential. In Monaco, Saturday is more important than the resurrection. I would not like to make mistakes in such an important day.”

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