Red Bull: it is Not necessary to judge the progress of the team lagging behind ricciardo

Red Bull: Не стоит судить о прогрессе команды по отставанию Риккардо

The Red Bull team believes that 75-second gap to Daniel ricciardo from the leaders in the Grand Prix of Spain does not reflect the true pace of the team.

In Barcelona Red Bull brought an updated chassis RB13, and Max Verstappen has qualified six tenths from pole position – while the team’s best result this year in the qualifications.

However, after leaving max and Valtteri Bottas ricciardo of Mercedes without problems came to the finish third.

RBR boss Christian Horner in an interview with AUTOSPORT said confidently that such a gap is not significant: “If you look at the weekend as a whole, will see our progress. I think max was unlucky from the start: he walked on the outer path, Valtteri started a chain reaction, hitting Kimi Raikkonen, who pushed max.

A small chance to be the third was, but in one turn can not be three drivers. After this Daniel had a pretty lonely race, taking advantage of the gathering of Bottas. With the middle of the race we actually turned off the engine, trying to save his life. The pace of the cars ahead was too high, so we cannot relax, however, the progress we’ve made. This gave us a clear direction of development, and we hope to benefit from it in the upcoming races”.

This weekend Riccardo was not as comfortable as his partner – the Australian gave him 0,469 seconds in qualifying, Horner is blamed on not quite effective work with rubber.

“The gap [from the leaders] in the race was more – continued the boss. – This weekend Danielle was not very happy with their machine, in contrast to the max, but hardly the last Sunday arrived least 20 seconds faster. When you find a gap, you need to pay close attention to the work with rubber, especially at a track where it plays an important role.

This is an area where we’re losing a lot. In the second half of the race we looked relatively more competitive than in the first.”

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