Place your bets, gentlemen! Overview of the betting odds ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix

Делаем ставки, господа! Обзор букмекерских коэффициентов в преддверии Гран При Монако

In the coming weekend will take place the sixth stage of the Formula 1 season 2017. The race will take place along the historic streets of Monaco. For pilots the victory in this race doubly valuable, and many that race put on a par with such iconic events in world Motorsport, as “24 hours of Le Mans and the Indianapolis 500”.

First race of the season showed that the struggle in this season will be very interesting. The battle for the victory in the championship are now three-fold and four-time world Champions, making the fans clearly do not have. And when you consider that his first victory in the Formula has already managed to win a newbie to Mercedes, Valtteri Bottas, and obviously has not yet said its last word Kimi Raikkonen, the struggle is waiting for us really exciting.

Делаем ставки, господа! Обзор букмекерских коэффициентов в преддверии Гран При Монако

The narrow streets of Monaco is always a chance for the middle to occupy a very high place and even win. The inability to overtake on this route eliminates all the leaders, and the crucial role played by qualification. Among the sensational winners of this stage is to highlight the triumph of Olivier Panis in 1996 in the composition of the Ligier. And then the Frenchman started from 14th place, but the weather conditions played into his hands, and he won a symbolic victory.

Also worth noting is win in 2004 in the performance of Jarno Trulli driving the Renault. This victory was the only one in the career of Italian.

Last year we gave also a very interesting fight, and if not an error of mechanics Red Bull Racing, which long changed the wheel on the machine Riccardo, the victory went to the Australian, and his second triumph at the Grand Prix of Monaco celebrated Lewis Hamilton. It is worth noting that last year’s winner used the tactics of one pit stop, while the bulk of the peloton was stopped in the pits twice. On the eve of the Grand Prix in 2017, Pirelli’s engineers are already predicting that is likely to be the tactics of one pit stop, but who knows what will bring us a race. Of the machine by increasing the dimension of the wheels of steel, respectively, and places on the track for overtaking and maneuverability became even less.

In General, intrigues at the upcoming race a lot, and we think this year is quite possibly the next sensation, but we have to wait a little longer, and on Sunday we will know the answers to all the questions.

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Experts of the Russian edition Autopartsway examined the line of the bookmaker Liga Stavok, noting the interesting options.

Let’s start as usual with single bets.

As always, the leader of the bookies stands the pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton, while the coefficient on his victory nearly equal to the coefficient on the victory of his main rival in the fight for the title of Sebastian Vettel. So, victory for the Englishman in Monaco estimated at 2.2, and Victoria German in 2.3. It says almost on equal opportunities pilots to win. But we believe that it is not meaningful to risk with such odds, better to put on representatives of the so-called second tier.

Делаем ставки, господа! Обзор букмекерских коэффициентов в преддверии Гран При Монако

For example, very real on the track in Monaco may look to win the performance of Valtteri of Bottas 8. Finn has already proven that he is ready to win, celebrating her confident triumph at the Grand Prix of Russia. The Russian route also contributed to the large amount of overtaking, so that certain associations arise here. Also expect the successful performance of the pilots of Red Bull Racing. And if Max Verstappen until in the opinion of our editorial Board is not ready to win in Monaco, the victory of Daniel Riccardo is quite possible, given his last year’s pole in a car that was much more inferior to the leaders than now.

The coefficient on the victory of Riccardo is 14, and he’s even less than a colleague Vettel at Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen, the victory of which is estimated at 15. These figures say that the bookies still expect the Aussie lot at this track.

Speaking of pole position, then there’s also all very confusing, but there are interesting odds. So, the victory of Hamilton is estimated at 2.25, Vettel – 2.3, while ricciardo is 10. The owner of the pole last year is quite able to repeat last year’s success on the track where the engine power plays almost no role.

From single bets with an interesting factor of our editorial staff would like to note the following.

The win of Valtteri Bottas over Lewis Hamilton for 3.55. It is quite possible scenario in the narrow streets of Monaco.

Win over Daniil Kvyat and Carlos Sainz in the race for 2.7. Last year’s Grand Prix of Monaco on the background of the change team and victory in Spain Verstappen was for Kvyat emotionally very difficult. Now Daniel is pretty confident fighting with his teammate, and the victory of the Russians in this duel looks quite possible.

Делаем ставки, господа! Обзор букмекерских коэффициентов в преддверии Гран При Монако

The victory of Stoffele of Vandorn over Jenson Button for 2.2. Last season, Stoffel was already ahead of Jenson when he replaced the injured Alonso. So he is quite capable to do it again, especially because the British there is no forward car in 2017, and he obviously will need time to adjust.

For fans of multiples, we can offer two options:

• Riccardo in the top three in the race – 2.75
• Vettel winning the race – 2.3
• Kvyat above Sainz in the race – 2.7
• Vandorn above the Button in the race and 2.2
The overall rate of 37.57

• Vettel in the top three in the race – 1.3
• Weight above Strolla in the race – 1.22
• Hulkenberg above Palmer in the race – 1.25
• Hamilton above Bottas in the race – 1.25
• Perez above the window in the race – 1.5
The overall rate of 3.717

Of course, there are many other options – you can dial in the Express and more events and increase your multiplier to over 100, but the more pairs you put in your parlay, the greater the chance that someone from the pilots will let you down.

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen, and view the Grand Prix will bring you even more emotions!

Делаем ставки, господа! Обзор букмекерских коэффициентов в преддверии Гран При Монако

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