Pirelli: We don’t help Ferrari, the tyres are the same for all

Pirelli: Мы не помогаем Ferrari, наши шины одинаковы для всех

The head of Pirelli Marco provera Tronchetti was dissatisfied with the assumption of Mercedes boss Toto Wolff that the Italian tyre workers act in the interests of Ferrari.

Over the weekend in Monte Carlo, Mercedes lost again, this time with an impressive backlog.

Toto Wolff: Mercedes is the underdog in the fight with Ferrari for the championship

But the main disadvantage of the “Silver arrow” this season, compared to the competitor is the failure to realise the full potential of the rubber.

Toto Wolff called the reason why Ferrari SF70H works better with the tyres than Mercedes W08, the “Italian secret.”

“Tyres are the same for all, – replied provera on the accusations of the wolf. – Maybe Mercedes is now in decline, the form after success, but this team undoubtedly will soon return to duty.

Ferrari did what nobody expected, that they should pay tribute”.

Toto Wolff: Mercedes Car similar to a cranky diva

It was also suggested that the participation of Sebastian Vettel in the development of Pirelli in this and last year gave Ferrari an advantage for the season.

“Together with Vettel Ferrari did a great job, was quoted in the Appr F1i.com. – When others could not, Vettel was always ready to get behind the wheel on the tests.

It is the ability of Vettel to analyze and process information has helped to create a car that is so easy to work with rubber, unlike Mercedes W08. As a result, we see the team working passionately to win”.

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