Pirelli promised to make the compound softer on one stage

В Pirelli пообещали сделать компаунды мягче на одну ступень

After negotiations about the direction of its future development, Pirelli promised to the racers to make the tires softer next season.

The head of Motorsport Pirelli’s Mario Isola has admitted that talks have been productive, and Pirelli have admitted that they acted too conservatively this year.

“It was a very interesting conversation, during which I learned that I think the riders on our buses, and in which direction to move further, – said Isola in an interview with AUTOSPORT. – During the meeting we were able to exchange ideas not only about the tires, and all the top pilots were able to Express their thoughts, while usually some racers remain silent”.

Isola, however, considers that while early to speak about the plan for 2018.

“In General, everybody has the feeling that we are on the step “harder” than necessary, but due to the high speed revision of the car we need to wait and not to hurry with decision-making – continued Isola. – On 1 September we have to finish work on the frame of tyres and compounds to homologate by 1 December.

Now we think more about the frame of the tire, and then begin to come to grips with compounds. Final decisions will be made after data is retrieved from the races in Spa, Suzuka and Sepang”.

Isola also believes that by 2018, the need to achieve the same difference between the compounds: “Medium needs to be faster and closer to the Soft and Hard – at one stage softer”.

В Pirelli пообещали сделать компаунды мягче на одну ступень
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