Pirelli didn’t offer to buy shares of Formula 1

Pirelli не предлагали купить акции Формулы 1

Pirelli has denied the allegations that the Italian tire manufacturer to acquire the shares F1, according to F1i.com.

The new owner of the commercial rights of F1 Liberty Media proposed teams to invest in the parent company, but so far none of them expressed a desire to acquire the shares.

And recently the press began to spread information about the alleged interest in the stock of F1 from the Pirelli.

In Monaco, the General Director of Pirelli Marco Tronchetti provera said: “No, we gave nothing, and we, in turn, asked nothing. Yes, we are part of F1, but our business does not involve financial investment.

We are involved in F1 in technology and marketing, so see no need to introduce it in their capital. But we are committed to F1, which remains the pinnacle of world Motorsport.”

When Provery asked, would have agreed with Pirelli to return to the “tire wars” in F1, he replied: “We are ready to compete, because in Motorsport battle, we usually win.”

At the same time, Marco is confident that Pirelli F1 gives you everything you need.

“If the riders are happy, it means we do things differently, he said. But we aren’t going to stop there. In 2018, we want to give more fun and entertainment.”

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