Pascal Wehrlein: It was a terrible accident

Паскаль Верляйн: Это была страшная авария

Pilot Sauber Pascal Wehrlein commented on his collision with Jenson Button at the Monaco Grand Prix-2017.

On the final leg of the race button went to the ill-advised attack on Wehrlein in the inner radius Portier: as a result of Jenson teased the car of the German, who stood on the side parallel to the barrier. Pascal was sandwiched by the barrier on the left side.

In early 2017 Wehrlein injured back in the “Race of Champions”, which was forced to miss the first two Grand Prix of the new season. In light of the crash in Monaco, the German hopes that he will be able to avoid relapse of an old injury.

“I hope that I will be okay – quoted Pascal – I hit a barrier head, so next week will have to undergo a medical examination.

I can say that it was a terrible accident. Brakes began to smoke, and I couldn’t get out of the car. When you see a car belching smoke, you want as soon as possible to get out of it. But I couldn’t get out of the cockpit yourself. So far I feel okay, but it is difficult to understand whether it was possible to avoid the consequences, because I recently had a serious injury.

Button came out of nowhere. Obviously, in this turn there was no room for overtaking. He went on a stupid maneuver”.

Text broadcast of the race Grand Prix of Monaco with photos and video can be viewed on our website.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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