“OK, leave me alone!” As Daniil Kvyat copied Kimi Raikkonen in Barcelona

«Хорошо, оставь меня в покое!» Как Даниил Квят скопировал Кими Райкконена в Барселоне

We offer you a selection of the best radio calls from the Grand Prix of Spain from F1Fanatic.

“In turn we have made contact. Don’t know if I was okay. It seems that a puncture”.

Felipe Massa immediately after contact with Fernando Alonso realized that he had received a puncture of the front left wheel.

«Хорошо, оставь меня в покое!» Как Даниил Квят скопировал Кими Райкконена в Барселоне

“It’s not easy to keep up with him.”

In the beginning of the race Lewis Hamilton struggled trying to keep up the pace in the lead of Sebastian Vettel, which is honestly said the team.

Mercedes: “This is an important moment of the race, Lewis, show what you’re capable of”

Team “Hammer Time” was performed for Hamilton in the 12th round, when the first wave of pit stops.

Ferrari: “Very good circle, continue in the same spirit.”

On the second leg of the race Sebastian Vettel was very fast in particular, due to choice of Soft, while Lewis Hamilton chose a more rigid Medium.

«Хорошо, оставь меня в покое!» Как Даниил Квят скопировал Кими Райкконена в Барселоне

Felipe Massa: “I can’t believe he just drove into me. It’s crazy.
Race engineer: “Okay, got it. The car’s all right?”
Weight: “I don’t know. A little strange feeling.”

Stoffel Vandorn “I collided with the Ground. I’m sorry.”

The second time in the race Felipe Massa divided highway with one of his rivals, who this time was Stoffel Vandorn.

Red Bull Racing: “Daniel, in the fifth and sixth turns of the yellow flags. Bottas stopped. He stands on the sidelines. Caution in the sixth turn.”

Certainly, these words race engineer called Daniel Riccardo smile, because gathering Bottas meant that he climbed to third place, and it opened the way to his first podium in the season 2017.

“I have to break away from him. At the end of the race, he will be faster”.

«Хорошо, оставь меня в покое!» Как Даниил Квят скопировал Кими Райкконена в Барселоне

Hamilton overtook Vettel in the battle for the lead but the fight for victory in this is not over.

Ferrari: “he may have problems with overheating tyres”.
Vettel: “It could have happened a few rounds ago, when he was behind me.”

Ferrari: “How about switching to plan C?”
Vettel: “I don’t know. I think he’s okay with the tires”.

Race engineer: “Wehrlein received a five second penalty. We need to reduce the backlog”.
Daniil Kvyat: “Well, leave me alone!”

Right in the style of Kimi Raikkonen said Kvyat team when for 12 laps before the finish he was called to reduce the gap from marching the seventh Pascal Wehrlein, received patissony the penalty for ignoring the sign at the entrance to the pit lane.

Sebastian Vettel: “Why is it every time this is Mass?”
Felipe Massa: “I Think he should be afraid of me.”

Like two weeks ago in Sochi, the end of the race Massa was as circular, and once again he was a small skirmish with Sebastian Vettel.

The radio after the finish

«Хорошо, оставь меня в покое!» Как Даниил Квят скопировал Кими Райкконена в Барселоне

Mercedes: “You did it, Lewis. What a race! Amazing aerobatics.”
Lewis Hamilton: “Guys, what can I say? Fantastic job this weekend. Thank you very much. Strategy, pit stops – the whole weekend was amazing.”
Mercedes: “Thank you Lewis, great flying and great overtaking”.

Ferrari: “the Second position, Sebastian. A strong performance.”

Red Bull Racing: “good job, third place. Good piloting”.
Daniel ricciardo: “Thank you, guys. Honey badger agree on what is”.

Sauber: “the Eighth place, Pascal. Great race! Super!”
Pascal Wehrlein: “what a Great job. Thank you very much. Great strategy. Wuuhuu!”
Sauber: “Only talk to us when you need it! Great race”.
Pascal Wehrlein: “it is a Pity that so left with a pit stop, but I was too late”.
Sauber: “Now is not a problem. You did a good job to stay ahead of Magnussen and the group of pilots behind him.”

Race engineer: “Very good work, I am very happy that we scored a point”.
Daniil Kvyat: “isn’t two points?”
Race engineer: “Yes, it is.”
Daniil Kvyat: “Thank you, I’m proud of you”.
Race engineer: “Yes, very well. I am very pleased. Wehrlein attacked at the end and was able to break away. But that’s not important.”

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