Maybe you should increase the distance At the Monaco Grand Prix?

Может, стоит увеличить дистанцию Гран При Монако?

In qualifying At the Monaco Grand Prix Kimi Raikkonen set a record lap time in the history of city road in Monte Carlo. But if two weeks ago in Barcelona, the difference compared to 2015 amounted to neither more nor less than five seconds, here in Monaco is less than three, writes F1Fanatic.

This is partly due to the fact that the track in the narrow streets of the Principality is one of the shortest in the calendar. For this reason, in the upcoming races in Canada and Austria also do not expect a major speed boost per lap.

Improved lap time in 2017

However impressive that nine drivers from six different teams went faster than the record belonging to Sebastian Vettel in 2011. Two pilots from two other teams, Nico Hulkenberg of Renault and Jenson button of McLaren – was just a tenth of a second from this indicator.

Is there a need to increase the distance At the Monaco Grand Prix, given that the machines have become much faster?

The distance of the race in Monaco is 260 km, while on other tracks, the figure is approximately 305 km In the past years because of the fairly low average speed, the pilots just didn’t fit in the allotted two-hour limit for standard mileage.

With faster machines, this problem is unlikely to be relevant. Increase in almost three seconds per lap this year have to save up to four minutes during the race.

Increase the distance At the Monaco Grand Prix 305 km meant was adding another 14 laps to the 78 available. In order to meet the two-hour limit in this case, preferably the absence of the safety car on the track. But we see a similar situation here for many years in Singapore.

The fastest laps At the Monaco Grand Prix by year

The standard distance race in Monaco would be more difficult both for the pilots and strategists of the teams. Because the tyre wear on the track in Monte Carlo is minimal, and, as expected, on one set, you can drive up to 80 laps. It is clear that at the distance of 92 circle with 78 this task would be more difficult.

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