Lewis Hamilton: We never thought that it will be possible to rise above the tenth place

Льюис Хэмилтон: Мы не думали, что удастся подняться выше десятого места

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton was pleased with his result at the Monaco Grand Prix-2017.

In the race Lewis started 13-m, and after the first round was 12. However, due to the long first segment and a late pit stop he managed to climb to seventh place.

“My team consists of the most intelligent strategists, and they told me that the best result will be tenth place, – quotes Sky Sports the Briton. – I started the race with a positive attitude and laid out in full. I’m happy with the result.

I slept badly the night which in the morning felt awful. But now that I got glasses here, I can relax and look forward.

The Ultrasoft tires I did not really work. I felt much better the machine on Supersoft. Honestly, it was very difficult to pilot the car throughout the weekend”.

Head of Mercedes Motorsport Toto Wolff admitted that the German team lost the Ferrari for speed in Monaco.

“Our car was not fast enough this weekend, said the Austrian. We were trapped on Thursday, but failed to catch up. The tires are not working properly, so you need to draw conclusions.

Last year, the weekend in Monaco also turned out to be difficult, but Lewis saved it for us. We have time before the start of the stage in Montreal, where also will be difficult. We still need to improve.

I repeated the story to the Singapore Grand Prix-2015. There, too, it wasn’t about mechanics, and tire.

At each stage, the pilots are almost the same, but never both of them failed to make a flawless race. Lewis was stronger in Barcelona and Valtteri in Russia.

A Ferrari is fast from the beginning. We have built a very quick car capable of winning races and the championship, but it is a very willful lady.”

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