Lewis Hamilton: after the second training tires for some reason stopped to work

Льюис Хэмилтон: Во второй тренировке шины почему-то перестали работать

Mercedes racer Lewis Hamilton has told about the problems faced during the second training the Grand Prix of Monaco.

If the first session is the current winner of the race in Monte Carlo, showed the best time, the second was only eighth with a lag of a second from the leader Sebastian Vettel.

“We played well in the morning session, but in the afternoon something went wrong, – quotes Hamilton Sky Sports F1. – For some reason the bus stopped working. It is necessary to study this problem and to eliminate it by Saturday. We will have the two days to work on the car.”

Partner of the British team, Valtteri Bottas showed the tenth time, he added: “the First practice went fine. But during the break we made changes to the settings, trying to improve the balance, and, as it turned out, went the wrong way. The team knows what to do, but our rivals are very strong.

To warm up the tires in one lap is impossible, it takes a few laps. Sorry, we have no more soft compositions”.

Live text commentary from the second training the Grand Prix of Monaco with photos and video can be viewed on our website.

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