Lance Stroll amused by criticism of his failure early in his career in F1

Лэнса Стролла забавляет критика о его неудачном начале карьеры в Ф1

The Williams driver lance Stroll sarcastically responded to criticism of the relatively weak beginning of his career in F1.

In the first three races of the canadian never managed to finish. For the first time lance saw the chequered flag in Sochi, finished the race 11th and in Barcelona were content with a 16th place.

In turn, his teammate Felipe Massa scored 18 points.

“If I win, people try to put me in my place if I lose, they try to humiliate me, – quotes Strolla – I am humbled and find it funny. I can’t control these things, so I focus on my work.

I enjoy their performance in F1 and get experience. I came here at 18 years of age and trying to work from race to race.

I don’t want to take the situation negatively, don’t want to think about the fact that I will not be easy. I was in a new environment and in order to adapt, it takes time.

I have won Championships, which were attended to come through. Now I’m here. My first five races were unsuccessful. But it does not change anything as we are in for a long season.

I still have opportunities to win points. In some races we were lucky in Russia, I made a mistake on the first lap – where I could take points.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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