Jonathan Neale: to get ahead of Kvyat, Alonso did not have enough speed on the straight

Джонатан Нил: Чтобы опередить Квята, Алонсо не хватило скорости на прямой

Team McLaren finally deprived Fernando Alonso the chance of a good result in Barcelona, taking bad tactical decision, admitted chief operating officer Jonathan Neale.

The Spaniard started seventh but in the second turn after contact with Felipe Massa flew off the track, lost a number of positions. Further it is also ahead of both riders Haas and Carlos Sainz, and left after the first pit stop, he was with Daniel Cuatom.

“Fernando had the pace, he was driving faster than rivals ahead, but failed to use it, – quotes the AUTOSPORT of the Nile. – Our strategists decided to try to come forward due to the early pit-stop. Understand that this decision was wrong, but hindsight is always easy to talk.

Fernando Alonso: We lost all chances when he was with Daniel Cuatom

Then Alonso was behind Cuatom. He made three or four attempts to attack, but to go forward I couldn’t. I think the reason was the lack of speed on the straight. Fernando could come close to the distance of the activation of DRS, but then still lagged behind again. Kvyat was faster.”

Another problem for Alonso was the emergence of the virtual safety car due to departure from the road his partner of Stoffele of Vandorn. Shortly before that, the Spaniard visited the second pit stop.

“We called Fernando at the pit stop to change tyres and to help him reverse the situation, but this time was enabled VSC, with the result that we lost even more time,” added Neil.

Vandorn was found guilty in a collision with the Ground and got the penalty in the loss of three positions for the next race, which will take place in Monaco.

“Stoffel did not see the Ground. The difference in speed at the end of the line was just huge. In my opinion, it was a racing incident, commented Neil. – It’s a shame that he got the penalty. The mass continued the race, as Stoffel lost, which was good enough.

Of course, if the rules were rational, and the standard would be accepted automatically, the conversations in the press and complaints would be halved!

We will accept and move on”.

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