Jolyon Palmer: the Grand Prix of Monaco – the most difficult race calendar

Джолион Палмер: Гран При Монако – самая сложная гонка календаря

The pilot of Renault Jolyon Palmer commented the press service of Renault in anticipation of the beginning of the racing weekend in Monte Carlo.

“The race in Monaco in the calendar no. I always love coming here, ‘ said Jolyon. – This is a unique event with his characteristic pathos, glamour, the yachts of rich and famous people.

Nico Hulkenberg In Monaco, you need to fly with the mind and keep full concentration

It’s hard to take a breath for 75 seconds of chaos. From the moment you brake at Sainte Devote and up the lift, on your way there, turning it. The walls need to be very close. Here is needed perfect accuracy.

When you drive a perfect circle in Monaco is the best feeling in racing. It is important to maintain maximum concentration and hope that you will overcome the next turn. When you fly 19 turns, it is a fantastic feeling. When I drove in qualifying your lap in the GP2 in 2014, which brought me pole position, I immediately realized that I never will.

In Monaco you gain confidence with each round. On a normal track, the state of asphalt gradually improved. This year on a street circuit with the new machines will not be easy. In fact, we are waiting for a two-hour race. In qualifying, too, will have a hard time. If we talk about the psychological component is the most difficult race of the year”.

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