Jenson button Working on the simulator, I rolled over twice

Дженсон Баттон: Работая на симуляторе, я дважды перевернулся

The reserve pilot of McLaren’s Jenson button, who during the race weekend in Monte Carlo will replace the cockpit MCL32 Fernando Alonso, who went into Indianapolis, hoping that the pack prepared by the team from Woking to Monaco, will increase the competitiveness of the car.

The Return Of Jenson Button?! Somewhere we it already saw…

“It was nice to watch the qualifying performance of Fernando in Barcelona, – quotes the Button Seventh place in qualifying is a big step forward. It is obvious that Fernando drove a great lap, but this result also reflects the progress of the team.

We see a great increase in speed. In addition, we promise the next progress in Monaco. If Fernando has managed to become the seventh in Barcelona this coming weekend we have great expectations.”

Button did not participate in the tests in Bahrain. In anticipation of returning to F1, he chose the tests work on the simulator. However, the work was not as smooth as expected.

“As soon as I jumped in the simulator, I felt discomfort in driving. That was before updates – continued Jenson. We made some adjustments to the settings, and I began to feel behind the wheel much more confident.

Now the car suits my driving style, and after installing updates to manage it was even nicer.

In addition, I twice fell in the water, working on the simulator. I hope this does not happen in the race. After the first corner Sainte Devote should rise: I took off the right side and the car overturned. I’ve never rolled over on the simulator.

Fortunately, the effect of the coup is not the same as in real life, but you still feel a jolt and overload”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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