In the leadership of the Formula 1, there was a new purpose

В руководстве Формулы 1 произошли новые назначения

The leadership of Formula 1 announced the invitation to the technical working group of the two leading engineers who together with the sports Director Ross brown will work to change regulations in order to enhance the entertainment races.

The Department dealing with aerodynamics head Jason Somerville, at the time, working in teams Toyota and Lotus, while a former engineer BAR, Honda, Brawn and Williams Craig Wilson will oversee the work of the Department on the effectiveness of the chassis.

In addition, Nigel Kerr, a former strategist for BAR, Honda, Brawn and Mercedes, appointed a new CFO and will assume his duties on August 1.

“I am delighted to welcome three very experienced professionals that have many years in Formula 1 has a reputation of experts, – quotes the brown AUTOSPORT. – We create a team, which will be able to establish a closer link between the management of F1 and the various shareholders of sport, guaranteeing that in the preparation of the rules will involve all stakeholders”.

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