Gene Haas, the Top teams should get more prize money than the rest

Джин Хаас: Топ-команды должны получать больше призовых, чем остальные

The owner of Haas gene Haas believes that the new owners of Formula 1 should be careful when attempting to reallocate the prize income, as the leading teams in any system should get more rest.

The current Contract agreement is calculated till the end of 2020, and now Liberty Media has expressed its intention to change the system of payments, which is now the largest amount, get a Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull Racing.

In 2017, Haas, conducting only his second season in F1, will receive from the FOM only 19 million dollars, which is the lowest among all teams. But, according to Haas, the current structure is quite fair.

Published the size of the prize revenue of the teams of Formula 1 at the end of the season-2017

“Since we are rookies in Formula 1, our revenues are practically equal to zero. So we appreciate everything we get, – quotes the AUTOSPORT Haas. – You need to be cautious about the redistribution of income. We have several teams that are here for 50 years and have earned certain privileges.

I’m not saying other teams don’t deserve more, but believe that the income of the leading stables should be higher.

You can’t just redistribute income, because the prize should depend on the results. Should not be a socialist structure.

Understand that the new owners will do what they do the new owners to try to increase revenues and reduce costs. But as the costs relate more to the extent their plans are a little nervous.

On the other hand, F1 is a kind of jewel, so maybe they’ll be very careful, and everything will come by itself”.

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