Force India: This aggressive T-shaped wing can be seen only in Monaco

Force India: Такое агрессивное Т-образное крыло можно увидеть только в Монако

Technical Director of the Force India Andy green doubts that the team will make the design of the T-shaped wings this season is even more extreme than in Monaco.

These wings quickly evolved in 2017: first was a single thin plate, then double the wings, then came and did the oval decision.

In Monaco, Force India and Renault raised to a whole new level, bringing triple oval, T-shaped wing for the track with high downforce.

According to Greene, this solution is not suitable for those routes where a high speed in a straight line.

“This is a specific triple wing created just for Monaco, said green in an interview with AUTOSPORT. – Maybe we’ll bring something similar to Singapore or Hungary, but on the other tracks will be used the short version.

Track characteristics determine the features of the parts used on the car”.

Green added that the use of the oval toreview T-shaped wing is designed to minimize aerodynamic losses. Also the leader stressed that his team still has not reached the desired level of their updates, though progress has been made in Spain.

“I think we are making progress – continued green. – As you can see, it takes time.

We play for a little bit, and with each new product we learn something new about the car and what direction we need to go further.

This is a multifaceted problem and we are trying to solve it from different angles. It takes a lot of time, but with each race we learn more and more.

We are definitely making progress, but the problem still is not solved”.

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