F1 teams asked for Liberty Media to protect them from themselves

Команды Ф1 попросили Liberty Media защитить их от самих себя

The Chairman of the Formula 1 chase Carey said that the team was asked to “protect them from themselves” against the charges. According to Carey, the teams are spending massive amounts of money to keep up with their rivals.

“The team realize that you spend an incredible amount of money, – said Carey. And to some extent they want to be protected from themselves.

Several teams spend the amount that in fact does not affect the final result. They spend money just because others do it is a kind of vicious circle. We want to create a healthy business for all teams.”

Cary and sporting Director of the F1 Ross brown intends to use rule engines after 2020 as a way to reduce costs.

At a recent meeting of the FIA with four of the current F1 manufacturers, as well as Alfa Romeo and Volkswagen/Audi, was agreed upon the basic format of the regulations on the engines, which should become easier, cheaper and louder.

Команды Ф1 попросили Liberty Media защитить их от самих себя
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“We will do everything in our power to improve F1, to make the competition more spectacular, to increase the number of overtaking and so on, – said Carey. – Fans were interested, no need to complicate anything.

We kept saying that all the efforts are for fans, not teams.

We want to simplify the sport to make it more vivid entertainment component that could bridge the gap between his fans.

Development and research is certainly important, but they should not dominate. Niki Lauda without end tells me that we should let the drivers race”.

Cary also made it clear that the reduction in costs would justify a reduction in prize payouts to the teams: “the Expenses and income are interrelated. You need to think about the little things even when I want to think globally.

Everything revolves around cost, income, reglamenta and engines.

Ownership of the team should be a profitable and healthy business for everyone, including for us.”

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