Eric bulge At the current state of Honda any possible developments

Эрик Булье: При нынешнем положении Honda возможно любое развитие событий

Race Director McLaren Eric bulge in an interview with Belgian newspaper La Derniere Heure said about how the relationship of the team with Honda mechanics in recent years and did not exclude a possibility of cooperation, if not able to resolve the current problems with the reliability and power of the motor.

“The problem is that we don’t pay for the engines. Honda is our partner,– quotes bouillet F1i. They started the project with a clean slate, when entered into force the new regulations, and have a good reputation. But the guarantee on what we discover, was not.”

On a direct question about the likelihood that McLaren might be, will have to turn to lawyers for help to terminate the contract with Honda is, boullier replied: “Before you call the lawyers, we will try to find a solution. We are now in the intermediate state.

I constantly ply between England and Japan trying to influence a Honda, but it’s hard to do.

The Europeans are in principle hard to understand the Japanese, and the Europeans are working in Motorsport, even harder.

Their approach in Formula 1 looks like: everything is going right, and we left. It’s weird, but nevertheless, this method works, because in the end Japan is a great power.

What now worries us is on the timing. Yes, Honda is committed to success, but instead of three years, we thought you may need six or seven years, and yet we must somehow survive.

As we progressed, everything was fine, but this year we took a step back and became harder to keep the motivation and faith that the goal will be achieved”.

When this bulge gave to understand that now nothing can be ruled out, including the termination of cooperation with Honda.

“All things are possible, he said. – We want to work, and at the moment not going to leave. Although it is not for me to decide such questions, and the owners of McLaren”.

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