Daniil Kvyat: STR12 very sensitive to any changes

Даниил Квят: STR12 очень чувствительна к любым изменениям

The pilot Toro Rosso Daniel Quat told about weak sides of the chassis STR12 before the start of the racing weekend in Monte Carlo.

“Our car is very sensitive to changes, – quotes the Russian Motorsportweek.com. – Once the car falls out of the normal working window, this leads to negative consequences, and we pay a high price for it.

The car difficult to keep in proper working window, you could see it in Spain. We still have no answers on why this is happening. Suddenly, the race in Barcelona the machine settings were changed for the better, and the car became more manageable.

But I prefer to start the weekend ahead and finish ahead.

Obviously, I will have to closely monitor all changes that the team will make in the car – it is so sensitive that all you need to do very carefully.”

Moreover, Daniel believes that now is the engine supplier Renault may concentrate on increasing power, while at the start of the campaign-2017 French manufacturer was occupied mainly by the reliability of its powerplants.

“The base powertrain is quite good. Yes, we had some reliability issues, but they were few. Now Renault is quite stable in this area. I think soon they will start to focus on power. This is exactly what we need now,” said Kvyat.

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