Daniil Kvyat Magnussen himself to blame

Даниил Квят: Магнуссен сам во всём виноват

Daniil Kvyat believes that Kevin Magnussen is to blame for the collision at the Grand Prix of Spain.

After contact with the Dane on the penultimate lap Kvyat continued the race without any problems, unlike Kevin, who had due to puncture to go in the boxes.

The stewards decided not to punish anyone for the incident, thanks to Daniel for the first time since the Melbourne stage finished in the points, Magnussen fell back to 14th place.

“He ran into me and he got a wheel, said Kvyat in an interview with AUTOSPORT. I was way ahead and he just tried to regain the position and drove into me.

It’s all clear as day”.

Kvyat added that he sees no reason to discuss this with the Magnussen incident. Thus, Magnussen’s teammate Romain Grosjean came in tenth place.

“All anything, if not for the puncture, said Kevin. – I’m annoyed because we could get both cars into the points”.

Director Haas Gunther Steiner believes that the clash was a normal racing incident. He also praised the stewards for what they once sentenced, despite the abundance of incidents: the Stoffel Vandorn for the accident with Felipe Massa.

“I’m not going to comment on the [penalty Vandorn], but the other decisions were correct, admitted Steiner. – People want to see real racing, where everything is decided on track, even if someone subsequently remained dissatisfied, and the other lucky.”

Даниил Квят: Магнуссен сам во всём виноват
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