Daniel ricciardo At the Monaco Grand Prix need tyres Super-Super-Supesoft

Даниэль Риккардо: На Гран При Монако нужны шины Super-Super-Supesoft

Racer Red Bull Racing Daniel Riccardo shared his thoughts on how to solve the problem with too low of tire wear on the track in Monte Carlo.

At the Monaco Grand Prix tyre supplier Pirelli brought three of the most soft compound Ultrasoft, Supersoft and Soft, but even with this choice, most pilots are expected to hold the race with one pit stop.

“Ideally we need an even softer compounds here: special tyres for the Monaco Grand Prix. It would be great – said Riccardo at the press-conference on Thursday. – Of course, easier said than done because it requires the tests and everything. But it would be a great specification – tyres Super-Super-Supesoft. When such tires be limited to one pit stop for sure would not work”.

Williams racer Felipe Massa agrees with ricciardo and believes that, if the Monaco Grand Prix to change tyres at the end of the first round, it will be possible to reach the finish line without stopping.

“Perhaps someone will try to do in the event of a safety car. Frankly, even a little sad, because it was such a great race – said the Brazilian. – At the last briefing several riders offered Charlie [Whiting] to make a mandatory two pit stops in Monaco. In this case, it would be much more interesting, because we’d have more tactical possibilities.”

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