Daniel Quat If no accident Vandorn, I would go in the top 10

Даниил Квят: Если бы не авария Вандорна, я бы прошёл в топ-10

Racer Toro Rosso Daniel Quat commented on the results of a failed skill At the Monaco Grand Prix.

Starting with the first workout on Thursday, the Russian was consistently in the top ten but in qualifying, could not get out of the second segment and became 11-m the Only consolation for Kvyat is the fact that because of the penalties of Stoffele of Vandorn and Jenson Button he will start ninth.

“I’m extremely lucky with the Vandorn accident that occurred at the end of the second segment. Very disappointing! – Kvyat was quoted by the press service of the Toro Rosso. – We were competitive throughout the weekend, so sorry I didn’t manage to get into the top ten. I think it would be, if not for the yellow flags.

On the other hand, because of penalties of other riders I still start the ninth, which increases my chances of getting into the points.

Understand that this is a different type of track, but in Barcelona I started last and finished in the top 10. So it makes no sense to be upset, you just need to continue working and to prepare well for the race. I’ll try to break forward and score a lot of points. In Monaco everything is possible!”

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