Chase Carey: We were not asked to invite a boy from the podium, Ferrari did it myself

Чейз Кэри: Мы не просили пригласить мальчика с трибуны, Ferrari сделала это сама

Meeting little fans of Kimi Raikkonen with his idol in Barcelona would not have been possible under the previous leadership of the Formula 1, says CEO chase Carey.

Six-year-old Tom Daniel was very upset when Finnish driver already descended on the first lap after a collision with max Verstappen. The crying boy fell into the lenses of cameras and to finish the race with their parents were invited to the paddock.

As a young fan of Ferrari Tom was famous all over the world

“The media only wrote about the boy from the rostrum. Ferrari invited him themselves, he felt a freedom that was not there a year ago, – quotes AUTOSPORT Cary. – I did not ask them to find the boy. They did it themselves, thinking that this will be a special moment. And so it happened”.

In Barcelona Liberty Media unveiled a series of new entertainment for the fans, such as a trip on a double car Formula 1 and skiing zipline. All this, coupled with the struggle of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel for the victory was left Cary is very happy.

Чейз Кэри: Мы не просили пригласить мальчика с трибуны, Ferrari сделала это сама

“We did not organize any big events, but a series of events, said almost all was a breath of fresh air and added emotions. We’ve met a tremendous level of enthusiasm, which was previously never had,” continued Cary.

While chase added that, for example, selling of Souvenirs is obsolete and reminiscent of the carnival of 20 years ago.

Also the Executive Director of the Formula 1 said that at present priority is entertainment for the fans.

“Perhaps it would be possible to sell the zipline to the sponsors and to make a profit, he said. We didn’t, but I quite imagine that the sponsors want to be associated with it.

If you do this correctly, we have to earn and not to spend money when creating a platform. Audience of more than 100 thousand people, we have television, social media, which published photos of such events. There are many people who want to take advantage of this, which gives us the opportunity to earn,” said chase.

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