Best radio conversations the Monaco Grand Prix-2017

Лучшие радиопереговоры Гран При Монако-2017

We bring you the best radio communications the Grand Prix of Monaco-2017.

Before the race Fernando Alonso linked with his former teammate McLaren Jenson Button, to wish him good luck in his farewell race. As it turned out later, the radio can claim the title of best in 2017.

Alonso: Jenson, my friend. I’m sure you wanted to hear my voice before the start of the race. I wish you luck. We watch the race on TV, you drove a fantastic qualifying session. Have fun on the track
Button: Thank You
Alonso: take Care of my car
Button: Well, I write in your cockpit (laughs)
Alonso: No, it is not necessary (laughs)
Button: And good luck to you, friend. Have fun in your race [“Indie 500”]

Before the start Lewis Hamilton was against the long first segment of the race, but eventually drove on one set of tyres 46 laps.

Hamilton Rear tyre overheat. Don’t know how long I can stay on track.

Throughout the race, Marcus Ericsson is experiencing serious problems with the clutch: the Swede could not get to work the tires at the right temperature. On the 26th lap of the race the patience of Marcus snapped after he almost flew into the wall.

Marcus: Every time I try to go to the maximum, almost crash into a wall. Very difficult to pilot this machine. There is no clutch at all!
Engineer Sauber: Understood. Try your best.

An early pit stop deprived Kimi Raikkonen victory. Finn eventually missed forward Sebastian Vettel, delayed on the track for five laps longer and showed some of the best circles.

Raikkonen: We’re still in the boxes?
Engineer Ferrari Into the pits on this lap, Kimi. In the pits, into the pits.

Before his pit stop Max Verstappen drove the fourth, however, on the 39th lap, the Dutchman was furious after learning that due to a longer first stint, he managed to get ahead of teammate Daniel ricciardo.

Verstappen: Daniel was already in the pits?
Engineer RBR: Yes, Max. Unfortunately, Daniel slipped past us.
Verstappen: What the *** disaster

Лучшие радиопереговоры Гран При Монако-2017
Sahara Force India

On the 58th lap of the race Sergio Perez was extremely dissatisfied with the actions of Pascal Wehrlein, lagged circle that was blocked by a Mexican in the Chicane after the tunnel.

Perez: That idiot!
Engineer Force India: Yes, we get it, Wehrlein you blocked

Fortunately, Pascal Wehrlein escaped injury in a nasty incident when after contact with Jenson Button and his car went up on its side.

Engineer Sauber “are You okay?”
Wehrlein: “Yes, but it would be better if I could get out of the car”.

On the 71st round of the Mercedes engineer asked Valtteri Bottas to change the car settings, however, Finn questioned his request.

Engineer Mercedes: If you’re comfortable, switch to Strat 6
Bottas: this will be comfortable?

On the 71st lap of the race engineer Force India began to dictate the Perez vehicle settings. But the engineer contacted the pilot at the wrong moment – just when Sergio fought with Daniel Cuatom for ninth place. Naturally, the Mexican let them know about your disappointment.

Engineer Force India: Yellow seven the drive position nine and the green one
Perez: Guys, do you want me to break the car? Enough talking. I have to concentrate 200%

After the race Sebastian Vettel did not hide their feelings, because the Germans brought Ferrari first win in Monaco since 2001. Agree, there is a reason for celebration

Engineer Ferrrari: Yes! Victory! You deserve it. Master Vettel in Monaco
Vettel: yeah, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Thanks guys. Done a great job. The car drove very well. Two laps with worn tyres I was riding at the maximum. Thank you!

Лучшие радиопереговоры Гран При Монако-2017

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