The head of the Sepang circuit: Ecclestone made us look like idiots

Руководитель автодрома Сепанг: Экклстоун выставил нас идиотами

The Executive Director of the Sepang circuit, Razlan Razali expressed his dissatisfaction with the recent announcement by Bernie Ecclestone that he is in the years of his reign were charging too much money from promoters of the Grand Prix.

Annual payments for the organisation of the race in Malaysia was about $ 60 million, and this year the autodrome in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur in recent times will take the stage of the Formula 1, since due to the high cost of the organizers of the stage and the local authorities decided to terminate the contract, which runs until 2018.

It is therefore not surprising that the words of Bernie, who left in January as head of F1, excessive cost, not like the promoters in Sepang.

Bernie Ecclestone contributions for the Grand Prix should be less

“I don’t understand why to make such statements, – said Razali in an interview with AFP. In the past 19 years we have been loyal customers, but he showed a complete lack of respect for us and in a sense made us look like idiots.

We always complained about the high cost of holding and each year tried to negotiate to reduce the amount. Hate to hear such comments. Now we really do look like idiots.”

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