Sauber has ruled out the possibility of transition to the new specification engine Ferrari

В Sauber исключили возможность перехода на новую спецификацию двигателя Ferrari

In the team Sauber has ruled out the possibility of transition to the specification of the engine of Ferrari 2017, according to AUTOSPORT.

The Swiss stables chose to build a new car around the motor last year in hopes of getting the opportunity to compete for points early in the season. However, the first race in Melbourne, revealed that Sauber will have more difficult than you would expect.

On the question of whether the team go to a new modification of the motor during the season, head Sauber Moniz, Kaltenborn replied: “No, but we knew about it.”

She also explained that the new modification simply will not fit in the car C36 because of the large dimensions compared to the old version.

“It is too early to draw conclusions, because the track in Melbourne is not representative,’ said Kaltenborn. – Let’s wait another few races and see how truly large the gap”.

However, Moniz admitted that he expected a better start to the season for Sauber.

“We were hoping for a slightly more successful launch, because we follow all new concepts, she said. – Of course, the others started preparing [to the beginning of season 2017] before and after the tests I realized that you need to change the chassis.

We have a plan to develop the machine. In Shanghai we brought some updates, and on tests in Bahrain has prepared an intensive program. A large package of innovations we will present in Barcelona”.

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