McLaren denied rumors about the construction of a private motor

В McLaren опровергли слухи о конструировании собственного мотора

In light of recent problems with the power units to Honda in a press there were rumors that McLaren is considering the possibility of designing your own engine, but the team from Woking has denied these conversations.

McLaren has responded to the information on the informal talks with Mercedes

“McLaren Automotive is another area of business that involves some of our shareholders – quoted Executive Director of McLaren Zac brown. – They work with the engine of the McLaren, but the team of F1 completely different economic priorities, therefore, we do not consider this variant.

No one knows what will happen in 10 years, but now it’s not worth talking about. We do not produce engines. McLaren is a racing team that designs the cars.

We are honest with Honda. We are working hard to ensure that as soon as possible to be competitive, and the main goal is to jointly win the championship. Our relationship is not spoiled.

We are constantly in contact with them and discuss how you can get out of this situation”.

В McLaren опровергли слухи о конструировании собственного мотора

Fernando Alonso: Honda has neither power nor reliability

Double world champion Fernando Alonso has openly stated his frustration in the form of McLaren-Honda, to which brown said: “Fernando wants to fight and be competitive. Look at any champion, if they don’t win, you complain. That’s why we need him.

For us his words about competitiveness are not a surprise and not have negative consequences. Now tough for all of us. We often take the interview and sometimes we show emotions, we say certain things and then twisted. However, our relationship is quite healthy.”

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