Honda will introduce new items on the tests in Bahrain

Honda представит новинки на тестах в Бахрейне

In the upcoming F1 tests in Bahrain, Honda intends to test some new items, which in the future will solve the problems of the Japanese manufacturer.

The head of Motorsport division of Honda Yusuke Hasegawa said that Oliver tervi and Stoffel Vandorn will be the first to evaluate the performance of new products.

“We’re going to try some of the ideas – admitted Hasegawa in an interview with AUTOSPORT. – But we are not going to upgrade the engine.”

First, Honda announced that they will replace the motor with a new one for the Grand Prix of Monaco or Canada, but now there is a rumor that this can happen in the next month.

However, Hasegawa did not give any additional information about it.

“We are not ready now just to talk – said Hasegawa. – The goal is, but there is no sense of something to tell ahead of time.

I don’t want nothing to reassure fans”.

But he made it clear that Honda does not intend to delay the progress after the disappointments of recent races.

“In this situation, we can’t wait, – continued the head. We really urgently need to take a step forward.”

Honda представит новинки на тестах в Бахрейне

In addition to problems with capacity, Honda also must deal with the thermal energy generator (MGU-H), which both drivers encountered problems in Bahrain.

Fault analysis of Stoffele of Vandorn and Fernando Alonso still not completed.

Hasegawa hopes that this week will finally understand what it is.

“To clarify things, should take a few days – said Hasegawa. – But we have something to start testing in any case.”

The leader told how the problem occurred at Vandorn: “We still don’t know what it is. Just the water pressure plummeted, and this is the sphere of the MGU-H.

It seems that we just don’t have time to properly analyze the previous problem of the same type”.

Hasegawa added that Honda was very surprised so problematic phase in Bahrain: “at First we thought that all because of the deterioration of the engine parts is still the third race. But the MGU-H Stoffel was completely new, so this version we shallows.

These problems are still a mystery that we want to solve”.

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