Daniil Kvyat: I really like the support of the fans in Sochi

Даниил Квят: Мне очень нравится поддержка болельщиков в Сочи

In an interview to the press service of the Sochi Autodrom circuit the pilot Toro Rosso Daniel Quat told about the start of the season, the new car STR12, my objectives for this year, and, of course, on the home track of Grand Prix of Russia.

How do you assess the start of the season? After the first three races already have an understanding of in what direction to move in terms of car development?

In General, the first three races were good, and the team certainly have an understanding of how to develop the car further, I trust them, they have all the indicators and data on aerodynamics, and other parameters, necessary for further work. We already have points this season, has speed, and this is important. It was still only three races out of twenty, and we’ll have even more chances to score points.

How comfortable do you feel in the car this year? Whether it suits you? Had to change the style of piloting?

I like this car and I feel comfortable in it. As for the style of piloting, in General cars have become faster, you can brake late and quickly enter the turn.

What do you think, how track Sochi Autodrom suits the car Toro Rosso?

It is too early to judge whether this car or that track. In principle, before all the tracks are equally fit our machine, and I hope that in Sochi will be a similar situation.

In your opinion, did the strategies of the teams in connection with the new requirements?

Tires a little longer “live” this year, so pit stops become a little less, but overall there is a race where strategy has not changed much.

What you mean the Russian Grand Prix?

This is a home race for me, there are a lot of fans, Russian flags, and a huge support. I like it a lot. But starting Friday it’s sports stage like any other in the calendar, and that, above all, great concentration, working with engineers.

This is your fourth year in Formula 1. How can you assess your previous three seasons? What is the most important experience you’ve acquired over the years?

Everything in Formula 1 is an experience, every day you learn something. I’m just trying to do my job as best as possible. In each race we try to score points. The better the job the more seasons.

Даниил Квят: Мне очень нравится поддержка болельщиков в Сочи

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