Bernie Ecclestone contributions for the Grand Prix should be less

Берни Экклстоун: Взносы за проведение Гран При должны быть меньше

Bernie Eccleston admitted that he charged too much money from promoters of the Grand Prix in recent years.

Former Executive Director of Formula 1 this weekend in Bahrain he returned to the paddock for the first time after his ouster amid the arrival of new owners Liberty Media a few months ago.

Sakhir is one of the many trails in the new territories, which appeared in the calendar “Royal races” in the 21st century, and Bernie admits that he feels responsible.

“I feel some responsibility for bringing the race to these countries, is quoted by AUTOSPORT. – I impose too high requirements. So when they call me I try to help. Nothing to do with Liberty Media, it has not. We do not provide the level of entertainment that is commensurate with pay”.

Ecclestone independently concluded all existing contracts with the promoters of the stages, but now thinks racing is too expensive.

“If we were able to take less money from the promoters, it would benefit all, – continued Bernie. – I made some very profitable deals. They pay us a lot of money, and most of them are not earning anything.

I am afraid that sooner or later the authorities who support these Prix, will say: “Enough, goodbye.” If we can reduce the amount of the fee for the cost of tickets will be lower and the sales level will increase.

If you want to take care of the fans, you need to make it so.”

On the question of why he did not reduce the cost for carrying out of Grand Prix, Bernie replied: “I knew I could do it, but I was trying to make money for the company, it was my job.”

Last week it became known that the stage in Malaysia to 2017 will be the last time. Race promoters and the owners of F1 have decided to terminate the contract. As Bernie said, the same fate may await the Singapore Grand Prix.

“We don’t have much of a choice – in any case they were going to leave,’ said Ecclestone. – I convinced Singapore to stay by changing some conditions. But until they determined definitively, and may also leave.”

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