World Champions about a possible extension of the calendar of Formula 1

Чемпионы мира о возможном расширении календаря Формулы 1

The Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel made against the expansion of the F1 calendar.

The new owners Liberty Media has repeatedly raised the topic of increasing the number of stages. In particular, the sports Director Ross brown believes that the command to force a calendar of 25 Grand Prix. However, Vettel does not think so.

“In my opinion, 25 races is too many. 20 stages is now quite enough, ‘ said Vettel. – We don’t need more races. 16-20 – the optimal number, if we take into account the work of the team.

We, the racers, easier: we don’t have too much Luggage, we come, do our job and return home. But for the most part the team is still hard work. So, I think, now on the calendar enough races”.

The F1 calendar of the 25 stages is a big risk

Three-time world champion Lewis Hamilton holds somewhat different view.

“I think if you ask anybody from my team, they will say that you need more races,’ said the Briton. – Of course, hard to be constantly traveling, but they are already used to, and they like it. These people love racing, but of course would like to spend more time at home. I love racing, so not against increasing the number of stages.

However, I believe that first you need to change the structure. Under the current four-day format 25 Prix do too much. But if they figure out how to animate the race weekend, it is possible.

You need to hold races in countries where really interested in Motorsport. It makes no sense to go to Turkey is a beautiful place, but there no one will come to the podium. If you come to a place where really good atmosphere, you can organize a great Grand Prix”.

Racer McLaren’s Fernando Alonso added: “We all love racing, so I support increasing the number of stages, but after a few years.”

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