Without women in Motorsport – anywhere! The revelation of the wives of the racers

Без женщин в автоспорте – никуда! Откровения жен гонщиков

At the mention of any Motorsport competition many in the head there is an image of an exclusively male competition.

Historically, women in racing disciplines is not so much, although thanks to new support programs for girls in Motorsport, we learn more and more new pilots. Now many on hearing such names as Danica Patrick, Susie Wolff, Simona de Silvestro. Some F1 teams are trying to recruit for the position of pilots in the development of the girls. Let them have a fairly modest success in sport (Tatiana Calderon, Carmen Chord), the advantages of such cooperation are undeniable: to promote motorsports among the beautiful half of humanity.

Speaking of men, we must remember the famous saying: “Behind every successful man stands a woman”. Many famous racers have repeatedly admitted that it is thanks to the unconditional support of his military friends they managed to get the triumphs, surpassing the capabilities of the human body and technology.

Motorsport is a unique sports niche and puts sometimes incredible claims as to the athlete and to its second half.

“In the 90s there was no Internet. Times during the race they came in satellite communications and always said that everything is fine, all is well, we go, says wife sevenfold champion of “Dakar” Vladimir Chagina Elena in interview to MATCH TV. And only years later we learned that was really the case – that the machine turned over, that they are in the mines was!”

Без женщин в автоспорте – никуда! Откровения жен гонщиков

Despite such strong emotions and stress Elena said that probably would not have agreed to something else in his life: “we all probably ever have thoughts to change your life, if that was possible. I wouldn’t change a thing – not one day nor one hour.”

The wife of the winner of the last “Dakar” Dmitry Sotnikov Olesya generally admitted that always skeptical of racers: “I Have an older brother, who in school always looked truck race, wrote them down. And I didn’t like it – some crazy driving, how well you can ride. And then fate took me with this man.”

Not only in rally raids happen similar stories. Before the advent of high-precision sensors, the wives of the racers of Formula 1 was constantly involved in the work of their husbands, while on the track, and fixing the timing. Some, like the wife of the legends of canadian Motorsport Gilles Villeneuve Joan, even participated in the engineering briefings to better understand the work their loved ones.

Без женщин в автоспорте – никуда! Откровения жен гонщиков
Gilles Villeneuve with his wife Joan

“I came to the race, but not just in order to relax, he told Joan about the time of the career of Gilles in an interview with the canadian edition Wheels. – I was instructed to constantly monitor the timing, so in fact I constantly work on the track.

The world of my husband was my world, but then we don’t have those comforts that we have now. In cold and rainy weather, I tried to find more or less a warm place. Sometimes, I was able to eat a sandwich, but when I found the bus, which was still warm, because it only took off some of the car. Only a year later appeared the cook, and gradually became more organized.

I missed five or six races of F1 due to the fact that we had no baby sitter. I liked to participate in all the Affairs of the team, listen to engineers and mechanics. I thought it was very interesting, so you can understand how the car and the whole sport in General.”

Без женщин в автоспорте – никуда! Откровения жен гонщиков

Joan Villeneuve admitted: “When you’re 16 and you’re in love, you don’t analyze and don’t try to understand what you’re getting into”.

And if during Villeneuve’s wives was, indeed, often necessary, now technical progress has greatly simplified the operation. If he did in this life fighting friends easier? Not at all.

The highest level of competition, strict routine, regular flights around the world and expanding the calendar of the season – in such conditions it is difficult physically and psychologically as racers and their second half. No wonder after winning his first title in 2016, Nico Rosberg admitted that his wife played a decisive role in his triumph thanks to its willingness to fully adapt to the regime of a future champion. Vivian Rosberg once again proved, no wonder they say that behind every success man is a woman.

Edition Autopartsway congratulates all the ladies and especially its female readers on International women’s day!

Без женщин в автоспорте – никуда! Откровения жен гонщиков

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