Valtteri Bottas: On some routes we will see a lot of overtaking

Валттери Боттас: На некоторых трассах мы увидим много обгонов

Mercedes rookie Valtteri Bottas believes that it is not necessary to speak about problems with overtaking in 2017 after only one race, held on belogorodsky the track in Melbourne.

At the Grand Prix of Australia there were only five shifts positions, however, at albert Park in past years ahead was hard. Therefore, according to Bottas, on the other tracks, in particular in Shanghai in early April, the situation should look better.

“I think in General overtake will become more difficult, but it depends on the route, – quotes the AUTOSPORT Bottas. On tracks with long straight should be an interesting race, because now the slip-stream with DRS and the new rear wing should be more efficient.

So some tracks will be a good race, as, for example, in Barcelona to beat will be really difficult.

Let’s wait another few races and see how they will pass. But it is obvious that at albert Park ahead was more difficult than last year.

I think at a similar speed car and the same tyres to overtake on this route is generally quite difficult. And chase the opponent has indeed become more difficult. As soon as you are two seconds behind, start to lose grip. Therefore, in order to overtake, the difference in speed should be significant. It’s a little frustrating”.

Валттери Боттас: На некоторых трассах мы увидим много обгонов

The opinion of Bottas at the fact that the situation with overtaking at the Australian Grand Prix was not significant, was supported by his compatriot Kimi Raikkonen. Champion 2007 world believes that judging by the overtaking circular, all is not so bad.

“I have to say, outrun a circular felt better, – said the Ferrari driver. – It is clear that this contributes to a large difference in speed between the teams. In the struggle for equal technology to overtake is always difficult. A lot depends on the tactics of pit stops, tyre choice and vehicle speed as a whole.”

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