Toto Wolff claims Red Bull Racing: They are everywhere mereschatsya ghosts

Тото Вольф о подозрениях Red Bull Racing: Им всюду мерещатся призраки

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff denied the suspicions of the Red Bull Racing regarding the fact that allegedly a car Mercedes engine burns oil with the fuel in qualifying, which gives it an additional advantage, according to

The Austrian team appealed to the FIA with clarifications on this episode and received an answer that the oil must not be burned along with the fuel.

Red Bull suspects Mercedes in burning oil with the fuel

Wolf, in turn, said that Mercedes is coming up fast in qualifying only thanks to the cartography of the engine.

When the correspondent of La Gazzetta dello Sport asked the wolf, why RBR has demanded clarification from the FIA, Toto replied: “see Them everywhere, the ghosts.

We have many years of adhere to card, which allows us to use more power in qualifying.

This is nothing new. Perhaps in Australia we will hear again about the protests, but Mercedes relaxed about it”.

Despite the fact that experts predicted that Red Bull Racing will be the main competitor of Mercedes under the new rules, on the pre-season tests in Barcelona the best look Ferrari.

“Ferrari is a solid team that has all the necessary resources and capable engineers and energetic leader – continued the Austrian. – On tests, their car was the fastest. In addition, she wrapped a large mileage.

It is logical to assume that Ferrari will be competitive. I’m ready for the fact that in Australia she will be on the podium. I hope we will get to play with this team for the victory”.

Тото Вольф о подозрениях Red Bull Racing: Им всюду мерещатся призраки

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